The Solar Winds - MW-RPG2010

Tonight is the night
Tonight my life changes forever
Journal entry of Ryan Exelby – May 8th, 3139

It was difficult to open my eyes and adjust to the moonlight feeding through the holes in the walls. It all seemed surreal. How could this have happened? Why did it happen? It was supposed to be such a joyous day filled with happiness and forever after. Now, everyone is dead.

I sat my back against the remains of a wall, my forehead covered in soot, sweat and blood replaying the events of what happened. How could the defenses have turned on us? They had to have been reprogrammed by someone but who would have been so brash to do such a thing during my brother Vid’s wedding. The 3rd Royal Guard was even on the planet and this still happened!

I heard footsteps approaching and a voice called out for any survivors. A figure cleared the smoke and it was a 3rd Royal Guard soldier. I stood and walked towards him letting him know I was alive. As I approached him I saw the mangled face of my mother by my foot and I fell to my knees. The shot grazed my left shoulder as it missed my heart, its intended target. I moved as fast as I could to my right, shifted my weight and took the gun from the soldier’s arms. His kick hit me straight in the stomach and sent me reeling back.

As I fell back onto a pile of rubble I had luckily repositioned the gun point at the soldier. The gun fired as I slammed into the rubble hitting the soldier in the stomach. His body stopped abruptly and he crumbled to the ground.

The realization of what had just happened took several seconds for me to grasp. the 3rd Royal Guard were behind it all. They had come to our planet to annex it. The rumors were true, they were monsters! I got up and quickly moved to the back hill. I had to get out of there as fast as possible. As I neared the remains of the outer wall something out of the corner of my eye moved. I turned the gun in its direction and saw Grace Iida covered in rubble lying motionless. Her dress torn and bloody, her beauty masked by soot and blood I grew angry beyond reason. Then she stirred.

I never knew I could move that fast but I was by her side in mere moments. I cleared the rubble and checked her pulse. Strong but erratic, she was alive! I put the gun down and picked her up. The gun was useless to me if I couldn’t save her life. I ran back to the wall, cleared it and carefully found an emergency vehicle that was empty as people were running every which way. I loaded her into the back and drove as fast and as far away as I could.


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