Asaru Iida

Asaru Iida was born in 3087 to Tetsu and Kawanari Iida. He is 52 years old and is the Duke of Buckminster. He is arrogant, impatient, intelligent and is often regarded as a “bulldog” both on the battlefield and in the boardroom. The only people who hold the sway of calm over him are his wife and two daughters.


Wife – Emilee Iida
First Daughter – Chami Iida
Second Daughter – Grace Iida
First Son – Khwaja Iida

With Chami he finds financial peace and with Grace he finds her wild spirits to be uplifting and positive.

He was originally against Vid Exelby’s proposal to marry Chami but after talking with his wife Emilee and thinking more about the good for both planets and the happiness of his daughter he relented. He figured the Draconis Combine and Fury would not be to happy with this marriage but it was his daughters wishes, not theirs.

On May 8th, 3139, he watched his daughter say I do to the man she loved and then he saw her ripped to shreds by an auto cannon. He moved to grab his wife and daughter and protect them but the explosion sent him fifty feet through a wall and to his death.

Asaru Iida

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