Chami Iida

Chaimi Iida was born in 3112 and is 27 years old. She graduated from the esteemed Herens Business school on Luthien, the crown jewel of the Draconis Combine. She double majored in business and statistics and pursued a masters degree as well in Business. She was made the Chief Financial Officer of Buckminster by her father, Asaru Iida in 3137.


Father – Asaru Iida
Mother – Emilee Iida
Sister – Grace Iida
Brother – Khwaja Iida

Leading by example, Buckminster under her financial leadership prospered. The people of Buckminster were happy experiencing new found wealth and a population boom.

In 3137, shortly after taking the CFO position for Buckminster she met Vid Exelby on his visit. She found him handsome and her equally in math and statistics. They shared a close relationship that brought their families and respective planets together.

Chaimi quickly fell in love with Vid and in 3138 he asked her to marry him. Chaimi was shocked that her father had given Vid permission to marry her and she shouted yes to him over joyous at everything that had happened.

On May 8th, 3139, Vid and Chami were wed at the Royal Gazebo on Port Moseby. The guests were dignitaries and important people from Port Moseby and Buckminster. As Chami said I do her body was ripped into pieces by the shell of an autocannon from a nearby mech. Everyone at the wedding was killed except for Ryan Exelby and Grace Iida

Chami Iida

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