Emilee Iida

Emilee Iida was born in 3085 to Erai and Yeril Matsui. She is 54 years old and is the duchess of Buckminster. She is extremely patient, kind, witty and musically gifted.


Husband – Asaru Iida
First Daughter – Chami Iida
Second Daughter – Grace Iida
Son – Khwaja Iida

She saw Asaru the first time when he came to listen to her perform in concert at a small theatre. She was so graceful and pretty he knew she would be his. Emilee remembers how forward Asaru was with her and she used it to her advantage to control him into slowing down. While he has not completely slowed down he has slowed to enjoy every moment with her.

As Chami said I do Emilee began crying tears of joy. She squeezed her husbands hand and then there was a flash and a loud noise and she felt an explosion unlike any she’s felt before She pulled her husbands arm towards he and discovered she was merely hold onto his hand. She screeched and rose to her feet. She started to run and then saw the flash of a blade. Everything went black as she split in two onto the ground.

Emilee Iida

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