Grace Iida

Grace Iida was born in 3117 to Asaru and Emilee Iida. She is 22 years old and just graduated from the pristine military academy on Luthien. The crown jewwl of the Draconis Combine, she experienced and enjoyed many of the finest things in life while on Luthien. She is kind, very smart, tactically brilliant and a gifted mechwarrior. She is also ranked the 5th most beautiful woman in all of the Draconis Combine according to many publications and TV stations.


Father – Asaru Iida
Mother – Emilee Iida
Sister – Chami Iida
Brother – Khwaja Iida

From an early age Grace was adorable. As she grew it became apparent that she was truly beautiful beyond words. In addition to her beauty her battle prowess grew with leaps and bounds. She excelled in every type of combat from hand to hand to melee weapons and guns to mechs. She rose to the top of her class and received a full scholarship to the Luthein Military Academy.

At the academy she had her share of great times but she missed her family and couldn’t wait to come back and help her people. Often know for her generosity she was constantly helping those less fortunate on Buckminster.

When Chami told her Vid had asked her to marry him Grace was so happy she cried and held her sister tight. The sisters planned the wedding and couldn’t wait for the big day. Grace was so happy for Chami. At the wedding she saw Vid’s brothers who she hadn’t seen in a long time. She walked down the isle with Patrick and while he was the ultimate gentlemen she was constantly drawn to Ryan. His lackluster behavior and disdain for his brother Patrick angered her beyond anything she could remember. She would talk to him after the ceremony to straighten him up because it was his brothers night and not his.

As Chami said I do Grace shed tears of joy which were replaced on her cheek in a moment by her sisters blood. Chami had been eradicated in front of her eyes and she was covered in her sisters blood. Grace couldn’t move or talk as she stood in shock. Then the explosion rocked her forward and sent her soaring into the yard. She then blacked out.

Grace Iida

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