Port Moseby


A sprawling business center, Port Moseby is part major spaceport and part busy city. With a steady traffic of JumpShips flashing in and out of the system, this system is a hub of commerce. Being almost completely surrounded by the Draconis Combine enables it to be a port where Lyran and Draconis Combine merchants can buy and sell. “It would be easier to say what is not traded on Port Moseby than what is”. The Draconis Combine has many needs and wants and the merchants from the Commonwealth are more than willing to help them, with the usual fees, of course.

The planet itself is very plain. Typical weather, terrain and resources focus life into the cities where the Lyran merchants have their colorful bazaars.

Moseby Royal Seal

Port moseby flag

Owner History:

  • 2750 – Lyran Commonwealth
  • 3025 – Lyran Commonwealth1
  • 3030 – Lyran Commonwealth
  • 3040 – Federated Commonwealth
  • 3052 – Federated Commonwealth
  • 3057 – Lyran Alliance
  • 3062 – Lyran Alliance
  • 3130 – House Steiner (Lyran Commonwealth)

Planets within 2 Jumps

Port moseby neighbors

Port Moseby

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