Royal Guards Insurgency

The Royal Guards Insurgency was a movement that started several years after Fortress Republic was initiated by the Republic of the Sphere as an act to gain tighter control of House Steiner areas.

The 3rd Royal Guards was a decorated unit comprising of many of the finest Lyran Alliance/Commonwealth warriors. Thought to have been reabsorbed back into the greater force of House Steiner around 3080, their reemergence in 3136 brought forth a wave of destruction and obedience rarely seen during the Republic of the Sphere days.

After solidifying many planets the 3rd Royal Guards focused on Port Moseby to create a strong front against the Draconis Combine. Their landing on Port Moseby was peaceful and deemed necessary to protect the vital shipping routes on Port Moseby. Defenses were erected and many company’s of battlemechs stationed all over the planet. The local population including the ruling Exelby family felt uneasy about this but House Steiner insisted it was for their protection. Skirmishes occurred here and there but were mostly kept under the radar of the masses.

Bloody Sunday

On May 8th, 3139 everything changed. During the wedding of Vid Exelby, Son of Tobias Exelby and Shelby Exelby, Noble rulers of Port Moseby and Chami Iida, daughter of Asaru Iida and Emilee Iida, Noble rulers of Buckminster, the defenses erected by the 3rd Royal Guards turned upon them slaughtering everyone. The 3rd Royal Guards declared it an act of war by the Draconis Combine and blamed Exelby and Iida famalies of co-conspiring against the people of Port Moseby and House Steiner itself. They shut down all communications with outside worlds and restricted surface access only to ships that had been thoroughly searched.

Early reports from the wedding massacre claimed they saw mechs and soldiers open fire on the attendees but none of these reports could be corroborated. Additional reports claim to have seen an injured man caring a female from the wreckage but with no evidence or corroboration it was seen as merely hearsay.

Phoenix Reborn

As the months passed and the people of Port Moseby grew restless of the 3rd Royal Guards tightening grip of their planet. Videos emerged of the carnage that took place at the wedding horrifying the people of Port Moseby. These video’s showed horrible sights of 3rd Royal Guards and House Steiner forces firing upon unarmed guests. The 3rd Royal Guards and House Steiner condemned these videos and claimed them to be propaganda.

The Rebellion Starts

On July 4th, 3139 a rebel contingent of light/medium mechs and lightly armored vehicles destroyed the working HPG on Port Moseby. Cut off from communication with the rest of the stars, the 3rd Royal Guards Commander, Colonel Maxim Patzelt ordered planetary martial law. Any citizens caught outside after sundown were shot onsite unless they showed a permit. He also sent out a beacon requesting any mercenaries in the area to come to the planet and earn fast and easy money destroying rebels and liberating the true people of Port Moseby

The rebellion led by Ryan Exelby and Grace Iida grew as mercenaries came and went. On September 15th, a mercenary unit known as The Unnamed landed on Port Moseby. Led by Jaime Campbell and Lame Mydell the tide of war was about the change . . .

Royal Guards Insurgency

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