Ryan Exelby

Ryan Exelby was born in 3113 to Tobias and Shelby Exelby. He is 26 years old and is considered the son who just doesn’t care. Having barely graduated a local community college Ryan seems only concerned with destroying his fathers mechs.


Father – Tobias Exelby
Mother – Shelby Exelby
Brother – Patrick Exelby
Brother – Vid Exelby

From an early age, Ryan had a lot to live up to. Patrick was the star of the family and was constantly exceeding beyond anyone’s wildest desires. Ryan grew to despise the successes of his older brother with a passion. Anything Patrick could do he could mess up. As time progressed he felt like no one understood him in the family.

When he was 16 Patrick challenged him to mech combat, after the palace engineers said Ryan was a natural mech warrior. Patrick wanted to show Ryan that by working hard he could excel in life. In a surprise twist Ryan not only won, he annihilated Patrick. As Ryan exited his mech on cloud 9 Patrick tackled him and proceeded to knock Ryan out. Since that day Ryan has worked hard to be better prepared to defend himself both on and off the battlefield. Even then he still has no clue what he wants to do with his life.

When his brother Vid announced his engagement to Chami Iida Ryan was happy, but didn’t really know how it would work out. As the day came he seemed to be in his own world as everything around him was spinning. When he lined up as part of the wedding party he saw Grace Iida and lost his breath. She was beautiful beyond words. He remembered seeing her a long time ago and she had really turned into a breathtaking young woman.

As Chami said I do Ryan had made up his mind. He was going to talk to Grace that night and maybe ask her out. The noise resonated all around him and startled he looked up to see almost nothing left of Chami and Grace covered in blood. He started to move when the explosion racked the ground he stood on and sent him flying into other guests and chairs.

Ryan Exelby

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