Shelby Exelby

Shelby Exelby was born in 3081 to Eric and Mary Aurelies, the Duke and Duchess of Port Moseby. She was a smart girl and graduated in the upper part of her class. She attended the Bringyet University near the capitol and graduated with high honors. She is 58 years old.


Husband – Tobias Exelby
First Son – Patrick Exelby
Second Son – Vid Exelby
Third Son – Ryan Exelby

She tended to stay away from politics but as her father grew older she felt compelled to assist him and the people of Port Moseby. When mechwarriors from House Steiner passed through in one of their many wars she often wondered what drove them to commit such atrocities. She despised them until one man changed her opinion of them.

She first met Tobias as he traveled through their world and her heart softened to him. As she learned more about him and spent more time with him she fell deeply in love with him. Once she was pregnant with Patrick things moved forward quickly. They were married and now part of the ruling family of Port Moseby together. When her father passed away Tobias took over as the Duke and her as the Duchess of Port Moseby.

When Vid told them he had asked for Chami Iida’s hand in marriage Shelby was ecstatic. She was so happy for her son and couldn’t wait to welcome a daughter into the world. During he wedding she cried tears of joy and as Tobias wiped them from her cheek Chami was ripped into pieces by an autocannon blast. As she stared in disbelief an explosion sent her 20 feet through a wall of glass.

She woke up in a daze, unable to comprehend what had happened. She couldn’t feel her legs and heard other peoples voices and the sound of gun fire. She called for help and a soldier appeared. He was from the 3rd Royal Guards. She asked him what had happened? Who had attacked them? Why? The soldier raised his gun to her and her face turned to horror. As she tried to speak a shot rang out and she felt liquid running down her face and then everything went black.

Shelby Exelby

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