Tobias Exelby

Tobias Exelby was born in 3073 to Dominic and Nancy Exelby. He is 66 years old and he is patient, caring and kind ruler of Port Moseby. He is currently the Duke of Port Moseby. During his 15 year tenure with House Steiner fighting around the galaxy he encountered many different battlemechs and warriors.


One such war took him to Port Moseby where we met Shelby Aurelies, the daughter of the then ruling duke of Port Moseby. He fell in love with her the instant he laid eyes upon her and as their relationship blossomed, so did intimacy. When Shelby became pregnant with Patrick, they decided to get married and Tobias retired from active duty to help rule Port Moseby.

Wife – Shelby Exelby
First Son – Patrick Exelby
Second Son – Vid Exelby
Third Son – Ryan Exelby

When his father in law passed away, the Duke position fell to him with House Steiner’s approval. Since then Tobias has ruled fairly and justly over the people of Port Moseby. With the help of his Son Patrick’s heroic deeds and Vid’s financial prowess, Port Moseby and it’s people are enjoying a time of growth and happiness not often enjoyed in space.

When Vid announced he was getting married Tobias was exhilarated. The Iida’s were honorable people and Chami was a pretty woman who he knew would treat his son well.

Tobias wiped a tear away from his wife’s cheek as Chami said I do and out of the corner of his eye he saw a flash, the all to real flash of an auto cannon. He turned back to see parts of Chami spread over much of the wedding followed by his son Vid. As he moved to get his wife out of harms way the explosion ripped him into pieces.

Tobias Exelby

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