Vid Exelby

Vid Exelby was born in 3111 and is 28 years old. He graduated at the top of his class excelling in math, statistics, business and history. He is a brilliant business man and values the people of Port Moseby greatly. When he was 22 years old his father Tobias Exelby made him the Chief Financial Officer of Port Moseby.


Father – Tobias Exelby
Mother – Shelby Exelby
Brother – Patrick Exelby
Brother – Ryan Exelby

With Vid at the helm, Port Moseby has seen business growth exponentially higher than anyone could have predicted. His skills at the management of business were only surpassed by his skills at math and statistics.

In 3137 while on a business trip to Buckminster he met Chami Iida. He was impressed with her business acumen and they started an excellent business relationship. As their relationship brought them closer together, so were their planets tied together. Everyone prospered and happiness was shared by all.

Soon they were always together laughing and enjoying each others company. In may of 3138 Vid asked Chami to marry him after gaining the approval of her father Asaru Iida. Chami said yes and preparations were soon underway for the wedding of the century. Vid’s father warned him of House Steiner and Draconis Combine issues but Vid and Chami ignored his warnings.

On May 8th, 3139, Vid and Chami were wed at the Royal Gazebo on Port Moseby. The guests were dignitaries and important people from Port Moseby and Buckminster. As Chami said I do her body was ripped into pieces by the shell of an autocannon from a nearby mech. Everyone at the wedding was killed except for Ryan Exelby and Grace Iida

Vid Exelby

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