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Change often comes with the Solar Winds

The year is 3139 and mankind is once again at war. The future battlefields are dominated by huge robotic war machines known as BattleMechs. These awesome weapons of war are piloted by men and women, the elite of the elite, knowing that each day could be their last. They are . . . MECHWARRIORS.

What is this campaign?

This is a single instance campaign called “The Solar Winds” for MW: RPG2010; a custom built game using MechWarrior Dark Ages/Age of Destruction figures with a set of addendum rules. This campaign contains many only a few areas of the BattleTech universe and has character development already well into progression to allow players to really experience the MW:RPG2010 experience.

Royal Guards Insurgency – Port Moseby

This Campaign focuses on the events that occurred on Port Moseby on May 13, 3140 during the Royal Guards Insurgency by the 3rd Royal Guards.

Main Page

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